IMT - We protect you from flooding

The company IMT exists since 1985 and was originally founded as a joinery by Arno Mitterdorfer. In 2003 the company was restructured and transformed into the IMT Möbelwerkstätte. In addition to the production and sale of furniture, doors and windows, the company has been involved in flood protection and in particular the protection of building openings since the "Great Flood" in 2002, which flooded large parts of Austria and Germany.

In 2014, furniture production was discontinued in order to concentrate on flood protection. floodprotectionwindows and floodprotectiondoors remain part of our offer.

Michaela and Arno Mitterdorfer successfully manage the company. First-class employees take care of the production and perfect installation and assembly in Austria and throughout Europe.

The distribution and sale of the flood protection is carried out in Austria, Germany and the neighbouring European countries by highly trained flood protection advisors or directly by the manufacturer.