ClearShott with round ventilation opening - permanent flood protection for basement windows

The ClearShott flood protection system guarantees permanent protection for basement windows.
The protection system, made of acrylic and PVC materials, ensures 100% watertightness up to
1.5m from the lower edge of the window.

With the ClearShott system, a PVC frame is tightly bonded to the masonry or GRP frame. The installation is carried out by a specialist or can also be carried out under supervision. The ventilation opening is closed manually by means of a screw cap and can be operated without special effort. No tools or aids are required either!

If the seal is used and maintained properly, the system itself is maintenance-free. After flood applications, the seals should be checked for cracks or coarse deformations and replaced if necessary.

Permanenter Schutz für Kellerfenster

Beispiel: mit permanenter Rohrlüftung

The advantages of ClearShott

  • Waterproof up to 1.5m
  • Transparent, translucent
  • Fixed mounted solution for flood protection in basement windows
  • Manual ventilation opening - easy and quick to operate
  • No tools required
  • Various design variants, ventilation pipe or partial closure
  • Existing windows are retained
  • Maintenance-free

Quick and easy operation in case of floods or heavy rainfall


AcryShott - permanent flood protection for basement windows

This flood protection system is installed in front of the existing basement window and protects your basement from floods or groundwater. The system has been tested by the ift Institute in Rosenheim at a height of 2m and certified as "watertight" . A special feature is the large ventilation opening (also suitable for fuel charging).

See our references and projects in the field of flood protection.

Vorteile von AcryShott

  • Wasserdichtheit bis zu 2m
  • transparent, lichtdurchlässig
  • große, manuelle Lüftungsöffnung (zur Gänze herausnehmbar), von innen bedienbar
  • kein Werkzeug erforderlich
  • bestehende Fenster bleiben bestehen
  • erhöhter Einbruchschutz
  • wartungsfrei

Simple operation, simple assembly