Lightshott - Flood Protection for Driveways & Gates

The Lightshott system was developed especially for flood protection of courtyard driveways, industrial halls and gates. It is characterized above all by its low dead weight and by its simple application in case of emergency. In contrast to the Prevfix System, it is not absolutely waterproof. However, a low water ingress of a few litres is controllable and acceptable.

The system is suspended in system rails, which are tightly glued and screwed to the masonry. Floor rails are only required on extremely uneven surfaces. The pressure on the seal towards the floor is achieved by two integrated clamping pieces each.

With proper application and maintenance, the system itself is maintenance-free. After high water applications, the seals should be checked for cracks or coarse deformations and replaced if necessary.

The advantages of LIGHTSHOTT

  • Light and mechanical flood protection solution
  • Simple and fast handling
  • No tools required
  • Protection against flotsam

Quick and easy installation in case of floods or heavy rainfall.


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