PREVFIX Hochwasserschutz System Montage
  • Absolutely waterproof due to inflatable PVC hose
  • Immediate activation in the event of flooding du to rip cord system
  • High safety due to pressure compensation valve
  • Very light (plastic core plate)
  • Easy to use
  • No tools required

PREVFIX - Flood Protection for Windows and Doors

PREVFIX is our well-proven top product in flood protection for buildings. It can be used very quickly and easily during floods, so serious water damage can often be avoided.

Like all our other flood protection systems, PREVFIX is custom-made and can be used for almost all building openings. The elements are inserted into the respective fixed frame profiles of the window or door (segmented elements are additionally locked). Inside the frame runs a hose system which can be filled with CO2 within seconds by means of a ripcord. This creates an absolutely watertight vacuum. Instead of CO2 filling, the system can also be inflated with conventional hand or bicycle pumps.

In addition, the PREVFIX system is equipped with a pre-seal on the protective plate. This second seal is pressed against the protective plate by the vertical water pressure, thus providing additional protection.

Proper use and occasional maintenance guarantee that the system can be used many times. After flood operations, a functional check by a specialist is recommended. A regular service should be carried out every 2 years.

Einbauskizze Prevfix Hochwasserschutz

PREVFIX is certified as "absolutely waterproof" by the internationally recognized IFT Rosenheim Institute.

Quick and easy installation in case of emergency


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