Wastop Backwater Valve

WaStop is a unique, patented backwater protection system. It can be installed in existing drainage pipes or control shafts within minutes and provides reliable protection against flooding.

The self-cleaning rubber valve is the only moving part. The design allows a pulsating discharge. It is not blocked and the maintenance and operating costs are very low. Due to the low pressure loss, the water is minimally backed up.

WaStop works quite simply:

If water flows in the right direction, this leads to a pressure build-up against the valve. If there is sufficient pressure, the valve opens only so far as to allow the flow.

If a flow occurs in the opposite direction, the valve fills itself with water and prevents the water from flowing back.

Depending on the diaphragm used, the WaStop backwater valve can withstand a back pressure of up to 8 m.

WaStop can be used for all backwater problems.

WaStop Rückstauventil


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